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The following tabs show information on Injury Rate, Serious Injury Rate, Duration, Claim Counts, and Claims Costs.

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Injury Rate
Return to Work
Claim Counts
Claim Costs
The following charts illustrate how many claims and serious injury claims an industry has for every 100 workers, and the change in this rate over the most recent five-year period. Industries with a higher rate are considered more risky, while industries with a lower rate are considered less risky. The ultimate target is to have an injury rate of zero.
Injury Rate
Measure201420152016201720182019 YTD
Injury Rate - Selection2. 
Injury Rate - All of B.C. 
Serious Injury Rate - Selection0. 
Serious Injury Rate - All of B.C. 
# Time-loss Claims48,31848,16749,17350,41751,93421,567
# Serious Injury Claims6,1126,3866,4206,9236,7652,105
% Serious Injury Claims13 %13 %13 %14 %13 %10 %
# Person Years2,127,5412,167,2042,234,0522,313,3452,366,3580
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*The most recent year is available as of July/August each year.
i) For smaller industries the trend may not be credible or meaningful.
ii) Most industries saw a decrease in 2009.
iii) For the Injury Rate claims are included if a worker takes time off work due to the injury, receives a pension amount, or dies as a result of a work-related injury.
iv) For the Time-loss Claims used in the Injury Rate and Serious Injury Rate, claims are only included if the first payment is made within the year of injury or the three months following the year of injury.
v) Prior year rates are available six months into the following year, after employer payroll and worker estimates are finalized.
The data displayed is current as of June 30, 2019.
The following 655 additional active/inactive CUs have been included for a complete history: 701007 Exotic Poultry Farming, 701010 Fur Bearing Animal Farming, 711008 Coffee,Tea, Herb, or Spice Pkg or Mfg, 712006 Concrete Product Manufacture, 712009 Switchgear, Transformer Mfg,Install,Serv, 712027 Manufacture, or Manufacture and Installa, 712041 Wire Product or Cable Manufacture, 713005 Chemical Pesticide or Herbicide Mfg, 713013 Foam Product Manufacture, 713022 Plastic Colour Concentrate, Ink Mfg, 714026 Upholstering, 714030 Wood Preserving, 715005 Canvas or Synthetic Fabric Product Manuf, 715008 Clothing,Clothing Access,Other Cloth Mfg, 715012 Custom Tailoring, 721015 Deck, Railing, or Fence Installation, 721031 Excavation,Private Landfill,Transfer Stn, 723004 Paving Services or Asphalt Manufacture, 732016 Fixed Wing VFR Operation, 732017 Fixed Wing IFR Operation, 732026 Marine Container Terminal, 741011 Garden or Landscaping Supply, 741016 Lt Ind Equip,Machine,Pwr Tool Rent<500lb, 742005 Fish Wholesale, 742012 Electrical,Plumbing,Building Sply Whlsle, 761005 Billiard or Pool Hall, 761011 Live Performance Venue, 761023 Mobile Catering, 761026 Organizing or Operating a Private Camp, 761029 Parking Lot or Valet Parking, 761038 Ski Hill, 764031 Heavy Equipment,Machinery Rental(>500lb), 764057 Window, Gutter, or Awning Cleaning, 765002 Driving School, 767002 Internet Services, 701015 Hunting or Trapping, 701028 Floral Greenhouse, 702004 Shellfish Farming or Hand Picking, 702010 Fish Packing, 703003 Cable or Hi-Lead Logging, 703008 Integrated Forest Management, 704003 Oil or Gas Field Servicing, 704013 Underground Mining, 712013 Ferrous Foundry Operations, 713025 Plastic Prod Mfg (thermoform, inj mould), 714013 Paper Product Manufacture, 715001 Art, Craft, or Ornament Manufacture, 715002 Awning or Awning Sign Manufacture, 715018 Fur Product Manufacture, 721046 Power Pole, Trans Line Install, Srv, Rpr, 721050 Sign Installation, Service, or Repair, 723009 Traffic Control, 731005 Warehouse Operation, 732008 Barge,Tug,Other Water Transport of Goods, 732019 General Trucking, 732029 Mobile Home or Boat Towing, 732041 Helicopter IFR Operation, 741001 Aircraft and Aircraft Equip Sales, Lease, 741028 Large Retail Store, 753004 Local Government and Related Operations, 761020 Organizing a Leisure,Social,Sport Club, 761052 Transportation Carrier Catering, 762006 Business Consulting or Business Advisory, 763012 Dental Laboratory, 763026 Photo Film Processing or Microfilming, 764022 Steam Clean,Sandblast,Pressure Wsh Bldgs, 764044 Plastic Laminating, Packing, Packaging, 766009 Fundraising or Charitable Organization, 766014 Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy, 766015 Physician Professional Services, 701009 Feed Lot, 701011 Grain Farming, 701024 Sod or Turf Nursery, 703002 Brushing, Weeding, Tree Thinning,Spacing, 703015 Shake Block Cutting, 712029 Metal Railing or Gate Manufacture, 712032 Precision Instrument, Fishing Tackle Mfg, 712042 Fuel Cell Manufacture, 713024 Plastic or Rubber Recycling, 714042 Woodworking or Carpentry Shop, 715023 Leather or Leather Product Manufacture, 721021 Finishing Carpentry, 721022 Fire and Flood Restoration, 731001 Cold Storage Plant, 741012 Gas Bar or Service Station, 741022 Retail Brewing or Wine Making Shop, 761016 Horse Race Course, 761018 Industrial Camp Operations, 762047 Publishing (with printing), 763014 Farrier Services, 764049 Service Station, 764051 Structural Rpr of Marine Pleasure Craft, 764056 Washing Machine,Dryer Distrib (coin-op), 703009 Log Booming or Marine Log Salvage, 704007 Placer Mining, 711009 Fish Canning, 711010 Fish Processing ,Reduction, Canning, 712012 Fishing Tackle Manufacture, 712023 Metal Fastener Manufacture, 712024 Metal or Screen Door, or Alum Window Mfg, 712031 Powder Coating or Metal Enamelling, 713018 Oil or Gas Production, 713034 Tire Retreading or Recapping, 714001 Cardboard or Paper Container Manufacture, 714025 Stile and Rail Door Manufacture, 714045 Firewood Yard, 715011 Cushion or Stuffed Toy Manufacture, 721017 Dredging, 721019 Electrical Work, 721044 Pool, Spa,Hot Tub Install or Repair, 721047 Scaffolding,Stage,Display Rent, Install, 722003 Pier, Wharf,Dock Constructruction,Repair, 732004 Airport, 741017 Mobile Home Sales or Installation, 761008 Overnight, Short-term Accommodation, 762005 Broker (nes) or Wholesale (no stock), 762026 Modeling, Booking, or Talent Agency, 763015 Forest Management Services, 764027 Funeral Undertaking, 764032 Knife, Scissor, Hand Tool Sharpening, 764036 Mailing or Addressing Services, 764068 Automatic Door, Gate Install, Srv, Rpr, 703005 Forest Fire Fighting, 704004 Oil or Gas Well Service (by service rig), 711022 Sugar Refining and Packaging, 712019 Lime Kiln or Lime Manufacture, 713001 Acid,Base,Salt,Chemical,Dye Manufacture, 713009 Explosives, Fireworks, or Munitions Mfg, 713012 Fibreglass Insulation Manufacture, 713026 Plastic Product Mfg (by blow moulding), 714016 Portable Wood Mill, 715016 Fabric Manufacture, 715024 Lighting Fixture Manufacture, 715029 Footwear,Luggage,Leather Prod Mfg,Repair, 721005 Building Demolition, 721009 Concrete Cutting or Coring, 721033 Lathing, 721040 Overhead Door Installation, 732007 Aviation or Flying School, 732042 Helicopter Aerial Work, 741003 Auto Sales (no service), 741014 Home Improvement Centre, 742004 Film Distribution, 761001 Amusement Facility, 761015 Hall Rental, 761054 Casino or Other Gaming Operations, 761055 Resort Timeshare Operations, 762011 Commercial Stock Audit, 762025 Market Research, 762029 Private Investigation,Collection,Bailiff, 762036 Security,Stock,FinancPlan,Invest Service, 762043 Writing, Publish, Map Prod (no print), 762048 Comprehensive Business Outsourcing, 763001 Pet Grooming, 763020 Domestic Animal Breeding or Boarding, 763029 Recording Studio, 764006 Auto Service or Repair, 764008 Bindery, 764016 Commercial Laundry or Linen Supply, 764024 Fire Prev Equip Sales,Serv,Instl,Inspect, 764035 Lt Ind Equip,Machine,Tool Serv,Rpr<500lb, 764045 Pleasure Boat,Motorcycle,Snowmbl Sls,Srv, 765001 College, Teaching University, Trade, or, 765008 Public School District, 766017 Residential Social Service Facility, 701001 Artificial Insemination, Animal Breeding, 701008 Farm Labour Supply or Farm Services, 701012 Greenhouse, 701023 Horse Ranching, Raising, and Breeding, 702007 Longline and Trap Fishing, 703011 Log Processing, 711007 Cereal,Biscuit,Taco-Rice Prod,Pasta Mfg, 712016 Heavy Equip,Mach,Parts Mfg,Install>500lb, 712021 Metal Bed, Furniture or Ladder Mfg, 712033 Ready Mix Concrete Mfg & Delivery, 712039 Tool and Die Making, 713023 Plastic Film Extrusion & Flex Pkg Mfg, 714012 Oriented Strand Board Manufacture, 714018 Prefabricated Log Home Kit Manufacture, 714023 Shake or Shingle Mill, 714028 Wood Chip Mill, 714038 Wooden Product Manufacture, 714039 Wooden Toy Manufacture, 721003 Blasting or Avalanche Control, 721008 Commercial Refrigeration, Comm AC Work, 722002 House Raising, Moving Bldgs, Heavy Equip, 723002 Highway Maintenance, 723003 Highway, Road, or Parking Lot Painting, 732020 General Wharf Operations, 732023 Loading or Unloading Goods, 732040 Harbour Comm,Port Authority,Marine Pilot, 741008 Department Store, 741010 Firewood Yard, 741013 General Retail, 742006 Food,Beverage,Tobacco Product Wholesale, 761006 Bingo, Casino, or Other Gaming Operation, 761040 Sports and Entertainment Facility, 762035 Research Services, 762039 Telephone Answering Service, 763007 Computer Consulting or Programming, 763033 Geo Consulting or Analysis, 764005 Auto Recycling, 764009 Blind or Drapery Cleaning, 764011 Carpet, Rug, or Upholstery Cleaning, 764020 Dry Cleaning Facility or Laundromat, 764054 Pest Control or Fumigation, 764069 Blind or Drapery Track Installation, 765007 University, 765009 Supplementary Education, 766007 Counselling or Social Services, 701016 White Mushroom Farming, 701022 Ranch, 704006 Open Pit Metal or Mineral Mining, 704008 Quarry, 704012 Underground Coal Mining, 711002 Alcoholic Beverage Manufacture, 711006 Candy or Chocolate Manufacture, 711019 Poultry Processing, 711023 Winery, 712026 Metal Pipe of Fitting Manufacture, 713008 Drug, Vitamin, or Pharmaceutical Mfg, 713030 Rubber Mat, Mattress or Life Raft Mfg, 714008 Furniture Refinishing or Restoration, 714014 Paper Recycling,Cellulose Insulation Mfg, 714031 Wooden Box, Crate, Pallet or Lath Mfg, 715019 Glass Brick,Bottle Mfg or Glass Recycle, 715030 Tannery, 715031 Taxidermy or Fur Tannery, 721010 Concrete Placing,Finish,Surface,Repair, 721035 Log Home Construction, 732002 Aircraft Fueling, 732034 Ship Docking, 741015 Jewellery, Eyewear, Clock Repair, Keycut, 753002 First Nations Operations, 761007 Bowling Centre, 761013 Guided Tour nes, 761030 Performing Arts, 761053 Bingo Operations, 761056 Overnight and Short-term Accommodation, 762016 Emp Assoc, Mkt Bd,Better Business Bureau, 762028 Packaged Office Service, 762037 Ship Chandlery or Ship Husbandry, 762040 Translating or Interpreting Services, 762046 Digital Printing, 764002 Armature Winding for Small Motors, 764064 Social Companion Services, 765003 Library or Resource Centre, 766010 Life and Job Skills Training, 766011 Long-Term Care, 766019 Short-Term Care, 766020 Supplementary Health Care, 701002 Apiary, 701020 Poultry Farming and Related Services, 703018 Marine Log Salvage, 704016 Oil, Gas,Mineral Explore, Prospecting, 711021 Smoked, Cured, or Prepared Meat Prod Mfg, 712004 Cement Manufacture, 712018 Light Ind Equip, Power Tool Mfg (<500lb), 712034 Sheet Metal Fabrication, 712040 Truck Body or Trailer Manufacture, 713017 Ink Manufacture, 714022 Sawmill, 714033 Outdoor Wooden Products Mfg and Install, 714034 Wooden Furniture Manufacture, 714035 Wooden Moulding Manufacture, 714037 Wooden Post or Pole Manufacture, 715017 Footwear Manufacture, 715036 Carpet,Rug,Cushion,Stuff Toy,Fabric Mfg, 721011 Concrete Pumping, 721023 Floor Covering Installation, 722005 Steel Frame Erection, Structural Repair, 732022 Limousine or Chauffeur Services, 742007 Hay,Seed,Dry Animal Feed,Farm Prod Whlse, 753001 EI Job Creation, 761002 Arcade, 761017 Hotel, 761024 Motel, 761034 Pub, Bar, Night Club, or Lounge, 761043 Tanning Salon, 761050 Chartered Boat Tours, 761057 Legions and Other Similar Social Clubs, 762009 Cheque Cashing, 762021 Insurance, Actuarial or Bonding Services, 762042 Venture Capital Investment, 763010 Consulting Engineering, 763011 Consulting, 763021 Land Surveying, 764007 Autobody Shop, 764013 Daycare Centre, Preschool, or Playschool, 764067 Pool, Spa, or Hot Tub Service, 766023 Professional Organizing, Senior Move Man, 767005 Oil or Gas Transmission (pipeline op), 701025 Vegetable Farming, 701027 Wild Plant Harvesting, 703004 Dry Land Sort, 703013 Manual Tree Falling and Bucking, 704001 Clay, Peat, Soil,Topsoil Digging,Process, 711020 Sausage or Sausage Casing Manufacture, 712001 Aircraft, Automobile, or Truck Assembly, 712015 Gypsum Product Manufacture, 713007 Cosmetic Product or Beauty Aid Mfg, 713027 Plastic Prod Mfg (rotation,liquid mould), 714006 Envelope Manufacture, 714009 Laminated Wood Struct Support Prod Mfg, 715009 Commercial Sign Manufacture, 715033 Modular,Prefab Building Manufacture, 721001 Asbestos Abatement or Mould Remediation, 721012 Concrete Reinforcing, 721027 House,Woodframe Contracting,Construction, 721030 Interior Decorating, 721038 Oil or Gas Pipeline Construction, Repair, 722011 Tunnel Construction, 732037 Taxi Service and Ridesharing Service, 761047 Mini Storage, 761051 Marina or Boat Rental, 762002 Actuarial Services, 762007 Call Ctr, Telemarketing, Market Research, 762015 Data Processing, 762018 Environmental Conservation Services, 762022 Law,Notary, Supplementary Legal Services, 762024 Marine Ship Agency and Related Services, 762030 Product Demonstration, 763005 Construction Management Consulting, 763025 Motion Picture,Commercial, or Television, 763037 Consulting Engineering, Geological, Geop, 764021 Small Elec Equip,Household Appliance Srv, 764062 Tree Services, 766001 Acute Care, 766003 Alternative Health Care, 766004 Ambulance or First Aid Services, 766005 Chiropractic Practice, Services, or Care, 767003 Electric Utilities, 767004 Gas Utilities, 701014 Hog Farming, 701021 Poultry Hatchery, 701026 Vineyard, 702006 Gillnet and Troll Fishing, 703006 Ground Skidding,Horse Logging, Log Load, 704002 Oil or Gas Drilling, 712014 Galvanize,Electroplate,Protection Plate, 712022 Metal Can or Tinware Product Manufacture, 713006 Compressed or Liquefied Gas Manufacture, 713029 Post-Extrusion Plastic Product Mfg, 715014 Electric,Electronic Product Manufacture, 715022 Jewellery, Eyewear, Clock Manufacture, 721020 Pre-engineered Steel Bldg Construction, 721042 Plastering, Lathing, or Stucco Work, 722007 Structural Dam/Dyke Construction, Repair, 731002 Grain Elevator Operation, 732009 Bus Line, Chart Bus Tours, or HandyDART, 732012 Distribution Centre, 741009 Eyewear Sales or Repair, 741018 Music Shop, 741021 Retail Bakery or Delicatessen, 741026 Retail Confectionery, 761004 Bed and Breakfast, 761035 Restaurant or Other Dining Establishment, 761041 Sports Administration, 762003 Admin or Mgmt of Operation Outside B.C., 762027 Mortgage Brokerage, 762032 Property Mgmt (admin only), 763018 Materials,Light Equip Testing (<500lb), 763019 Interior Design, 763023 Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, 763024 Audio Video Post-Production or Animation, 763027 Photography Studio,Photographic Services, 763034 Marine Vessel Surveying, 764060 Landscaping, Lawn or Garden Maintenance, 764063 Commercial Retail Sign Shop, 766006 Community Health Support Services, 766018 Retirement or Seniors' Home (accom only), 701029 Vegetable Greenhouse, 702002 Fish Hatchery, 702003 Fishing, 704009 Seismic Exploration, 711011 Flour Mill or Rice Mill, 711014 Ice Manufacture, 713020 Paint,Putty,Stain,Sealant,Varnish Mfg, 713021 Petrochemical Manufacture, 713032 Soap, Bleach, or Cleaning Compound Mfg, 713035 Fuel Storage Tank Ops, Fuel Distribution, 714007 Flush Door Manufacture, 714015 Planing Mill, 714019 Pellet or Pressed Wood Product Manufactu, 714024 Stationery Manufacture, 714032 Wooden Component Manufacture, 715021 Illuminated or Electronic Sign Mfg, 721024 Framing or Residential Forming, 731004 Recycling Depot, 732011 Courier or Local Delivery Services, 732024 Log Towing, 732033 Railway, 732036 Stevedoring, 732045 Fuel Storage Tank Operation,Fuel Distrib, 732046 Comm Bus, Shuttle, or Public Transit nes, 741004 Bicycle Shop or Sports Equipment Rental, 741025 Supermarket, 761009 Campground, 761021 Massage Parlour,Steam Bath,Massage Srv, 761025 Live Performance Road House, 761032 Private Park, Garden, or Zoo, 761046 Movie Theatre or Drive-In Theatre, 762010 Clerical Worker Supply, 762014 Custom Broker, Freight Fwd (with goods), 762033 Real Estate Agency, 762034 Real Estate Appraisal,Appraisal Services, 763035 Air Navigation Support, 763036 Field Work Services, 764059 Hiring Workers for Own Home Maintenance, 766022 Laboratory Services (not elsewhere speci, 701006 Egg Farming, 703012 Logging Road Construction or Maintenance, 712002 Auto Spring or Chain Manufacture, 712028 Metal Product Manufacture, 713015 Glue or Adhesive Manufacture, 714044 Pulp and Paper Mill, 715006 Carpet or Rug Manufacture, 715013 Drapery Manufacture, 721029 Insulation Work or Fireproofing, 721036 Low Slope Roofing, 721052 Structural Concrete Forming, 721053 Comm Tank or Boiler Install, Removal, 721054 Tile Work or Terrazzo Laying, 721056 Water Well,Foundation,Directional Drill, 722001 Bridge, Overpass, Viaduct Construct, Rpr, 723006 Road Construction, 723008 Street Cleaning, 732021 Helicopter VFR Operation, 732027 Marine Piloting, 741020 Retail Art Gallery and Picture Framing, 741034 Recycling Drop-Off Centres, 742002 Clothing, Linen, Other Textile Wholesale, 761003 Auto Race Course, 761012 Fitness Centre or Gym, 762012 Constituency, Consulate, MLA Office, 762020 Graphic Design, 763004 Architectural Drafting or Design, 764015 Commercial Diving, 764030 Home Support Services, 764040 Marine and Log Salvage,Garbage Collect, 764058 Security Alarm Sys,Telecom,CableWiring, 764061 Lawn Maintenance,Gardening,Weed Control, 766024 Pre-hospital Emergency Health Care, 767001 Cable Television Service, 701005 Dairy Farming or Livestock Auctioning, 701019 Poultry Catching, 702005 Dive Fishing, 702009 Trawl Fishing, 704010 Diamond, Seismic, or Shot Hole Drilling, 704015 Geological,Geophys,Geochem Field Work, 711004 Baked Goods Manufacture, 711018 Non-Alcohol Bev Mfg or Water Bottling, 712005 Ceramic, Terra CottaTile, Clay Brick Mfg, 712007 Control Panel Mfg, Install, Serv, Repair, 712008 Die Casting or Non-Ferrous Foundry Opera, 712010 Elevator,Escalator Mfg,Install,Serv, Rpr, 713002 Asphalt or Tar Roofing Product Mfg, 713011 Fibreglass,Marble, Acrylic Product Mfg, 713019 Oil Refining,Recycle,Fuel Storage Tanks, 713036 Oil Refining or Recycling, 714036 Wooden Toy or Musical Instrument Mfg, 715003 Blind or Drapery Track Manufacture, 715015 Eyewear Manufacture, 722006 Steel Frame, Bridge Painting, Cleaning, 722008 Tunnelling, 741005 Butcher Shop, 741019 Party Supply, 741032 Beer, Wine, or Liquor Store, 742015 Wholesale, 761027 Organizing, Conducting Special Events, 761039 Art Gallery,Museum Building Operations, 762041 Union, 763002 Animal Humane Society or Wildlife Rehab, 764001 Aircraft Maintenance or Repair, 764026 Fruit or Vegetable Packing or Packaging, 766016 Religious Organization, 701013 Hay or Seed Farming, 701017 Orchard, 702001 Fin Fish Farming, 703001 Chem Brushing,Weeding,Tree Thin,Spacing, 711005 Butter, Cheese, or Ice Cream Manufacture, 712043 Soil,Topsoil, Peat, Other Garden Mtl Pkg, 713028 Plastic Prod Mfg (by profile extrusion), 714004 Custom Wood Kiln, 714010 Mechanical Pulp and Paper Mill, 715007 Clock or Watch Manufacture, 715035 Gasket or Filter Manufacture, 721043 Plumbing,Heating,Residential AC Inst,Rpr, 721049 Siding, Awning, Gutter Install or Repair, 721051 Steep Slope Roofing, 721057 Welding Services,Ornamental Metal Instl, 723005 Railway Construct,Maintenance,Demolition, 732003 Aircraft Handling or Fueling, 732015 Fixed Wing Aerial Work,Other Special Ops, 732030 Moving and Storage, 732038 Water Taxi or Crew Transport, 732044 Log Hauling, 741024 Satellite TV Dish Sales,Service,Install, 741027 Auto Parts Supply, 741031 Furniture Store, 742011 Medical or Dental Supplies Wholesale, 742013 Packaged Petroleum Product Wholesale, 753003 Law Enforcement, 761031 Golf Crs,DrivRng,Pitch&Putt,LwnBowlFac, 762019 Financial Services, 762038 Telemarketing or Telephone Answering Ser, 763008 Computer Software, Audio,Video Services, 763009 Computer Software Package Design,Prod'n, 764004 Auto Glass Shop, 764012 Cemetery or Crematorium, 764017 Creek or Stream Enhancement, 764018 Domestic Cleaning, 764023 Farm Equip, Parts Sales,Serv,Rpr>500lbs, 764028 Heavy Equip,Mach,Parts Sales,Rnt,Srv,Rpr, 764029 Hiring or Providing Domestic Childcare, 764034 Locksmithing, 764048 Septic Tank,Sewer,Sewage Dispos Sys Srv, 764055 Vending, Washing, Amusement Machine Dist, 766021 Surgical Centre, 767006 Telephone or Telecommunication Services, 767007 Multimedia Services, 703014 Mechanized Tree Falling, 704005 Open Pit Coal Mining, 711001 Abattoir, 711003 Animal Feed or Supplement Mfg or Pkg, 711012 Food Product Manufacture, 712011 Engine, Cylinder, Auto Part Mfg, Rebuild, 712020 Machine Shop, 712025 Commercial Marine Vessel Mfg, Serv, Rpr, 712038 Structural Concrete Product Manufacture, 712044 Dry Dock or Marine Railway, 712045 Automated Wood Processing Equipment Mfg, 713010 Fertilizer Manufacture, 714040 Wooden Truss Manufacture, 714043 Coffin or Casket Manufacture, 715004 Brush, Broom, or Mop Manufacture, 715034 Marine Pleasure Craft Manufacture, 721026 Hardwood Floor Laying or Refinishing, 721037 Masonry, 723010 Earth & Rock Structure Construction, 741002 Auctioning Services, 742008 Elec,Lt Equip,Mach,Parts(<500 lb) Whlsle, 742009 Log Wholesale Trading, 761010 Circus,Carnival,Rodeo,Mech Amuse Ride, 761049 Park, Campground, or Trail Maintenance, 762001 Accounting, 762031 Professional or Employers' Association,, 763003 Animal Training, 763032 Veterinary Hospital, Veterinary Services, 765004 Non-Academic School, 765006 Tutoring Service, 766002 Alcohol or Drug Treatment Centre, 766013 Optometry, 701003 Berry Farming, 711015 Liquid Dairy Product Manufacture, 712003 Boiler, Tank, or Furnace Manufacture, 712030 Metal Recycling, 713016 Indust Rubber Belt Mfg,Install,Srv,Rpr, 713033 Synthetic Resin Compound Manufacture, 714027 Veneer or Plywood Manufacture, 714041 Wood Framed Window Mfg & Install, 715028 Orthotics,Prosthetics,Mfg,Sales,Serv,Rpr, 715032 Vinyl Framed Window Mfg & Install, 721006 Cell,Microwave,Transmission Tower Erect, 721013 Construction, General Labour Supply, 721041 Painting or Wallpapering, 721059 Window or Glass Install, Replace, or Rpr, 723007 Snow or Ice Removal, 732014 Ferry Service, 732018 Garbage,Industr,Recyclable Waste Removal, 732043 Helicopter Logging, 741029 Flooring Store, 742001 Chemical Wholesale, 742003 Drug,Vitamin, or Beauty Aid Wholesale, 742010 Building Materials Wholesale, 761014 Hair Styling Salon or Esthetic Services, 761019 Catering, 761033 Building Management, Rental, Strata, 761044 Travel Agency or Accommodation Registry, 762017 Employment,Dating Agency,Related Testing, 763006 Building or Home Inspection, 763013 Electrical Corrosion Control, 764010 Car Wash or Auto Detailing, 764025 Fish, Creek, or Stream Enhancement, 764037 Major Appliance,Bus Mach,Med Eqp SrvRpr, 764042 Paper Shredding, 764047 Rec Vehicle Sales, Service or Rental, 764066 Furnace, Duct,Vent Cleaning or Servicing, 765005 Independent Primary or Secondary School, 701004 Composting, 703019 Helicopter Logging, 704011 Stone Crushing, 711013 Fruit or Veg Processing or Product Mfg, 711016 Meat Canning or Canned Meat Product Mfg, 713004 Candle,Polish,Other Wax Product Mfg, 713031 Small Rubber or Plastic Prod Manufacture, 714020 Printing, 715025 Luggage Manufacture or Repair, 721016 Decking Application or Waterproofing, 721028 Ind,Comm,Inst Contracting, Construction, 722004 Pile Driving, 732005 Armoured Car Service, 732025 Bulk Terminal, 732047 Specialized Public Transit Services, 741033 Large Retail Store, 742014 Steel or Metal Wholesale (primary form), 761028 Outdoor Sport Tour, 761045 Coffee Shops or Food Concessions, 762008 Chamber of Commerce, 762044 Records Storage, 762045 Franchisor Services, 763028 Pipeline or Heavy Equipment Inspection, 764003 Auto Dealership or Auto Sales, 764039 Marine Pollution Control, 764046 Security or Patrol Services, 701018 Ornamental Nursery or Floral Field Prod, 702008 Seine Fishing, 703016 Tree Planting or Cone Picking, 711017 Meat Cutting, Packing,Processing,Canning, 712017 Indust Saw Blade Mfg,Sharpen,Serv,Repair, 712035 Smelter, 712037 Stone,Marble Cut, Dress, Shape, Prod Mfg, 713003 Battery or Fuel Cell Manufacture, 714002 Chemical Pulp and Paper Mill, 714017 Pre-Hung Door Assembly, 715010 Cord, Rope, or Net Manufacture, 715020 Glass Shop or Glass Product Manufacture, 715026 Box Spring or Mattress Manufacture, 721014 Crane Operation, 721018 Drywalling, Acoustic Board Installation, 721058 Mechanical Insulation, 722009 Cut and Cover Tunnel Construction, 722010 Mechanized Tunnel Boring Construction, 732006 Auto Towing, 732013 Dump Truck Operation, 732031 Newspaper, Magazine, Flyer Distribution, 732032 Pilot Car or Auto Delivery Services, 741006 Car or Truck Rental, 741030 Conv Store, Farm Market, Spec Food Store, 761037 Rooming House or Hostel, 761042 Sports Instruction School, 762004 Advertising or Public Relations Services, 762013 Custom Broker, Freight Forward(no goods), 762023 Cargo Inspection, 763022 Log Scaling, 763030 Scientific Research Laboratory, 763031 Television or Radio Broadcasting, 764014 Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services, 764033 Land or Marine Pollution Control, 764041 Ornamental Plant Rental,Office Plant Svc, 764050 Steam Clean,Sandblst,Pressure Wsh Hvy Eq, 764065 Chimney Cleaning, 765010 Advanced Education, 766008 Dentistry or Ancillary Dental Services, 766012 Massage Therapy (licensed)
CU - Combined
Combines the history of current and related expired CUs in a single report. Reports will now present you with a choice of including or excluding historical data. Example: In 2015, WorkSafeBC expired CU 765007 - University and moved the employers into a new CU 765010 -Advanced Education. When running a CU Profile for Advanced Education, you can now choose to include data from the related expired CU in your report.
Injury Rate
The number of time-loss claims per 100 people working all year on wither a part-time or full-time basis. The claim count includes injuries that occurred in a given year and were accepted for short-term disability, long-term disability, or survivor benefits in that year or in the first three months of the following year. Self-insured employers are not included in the calculation.
Serious Injury Rate
The number of Serious Injury Claims per 100 people working all year whether on a part-time or full-time basis.
# Time-loss Claims
The number of claims where the injuries occurred in a given year and were accepted for short-term disability, long-term disability, or survivor benefits in that year or in the first three months of the following year.
# Serious Injury Claims
The number of short-term disability, long-term disability, or fatality claims that represent a serious medical diagnosis or a potentially-serious medical diagnosis with a long recovery period (10+ weeks off work). Includes all fatality claims.
% Serious Injury Claims
The percentage of Time-loss Claims that are considered to be a Serious Injury.
# Person Years
The number of people working all year on either a part-time or full-time basis. WorkSafeBC estimates person-years using employers’ reported payroll.
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    • Information or Records not accessible under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (B.C.);
    • third party rights the Information Provider is not authorized to license;
    • the names, crests, logos, or other official marks of the Information Provider; and
    • Information subject to other intellectual property rights, including patents, trade-marks and official marks.


  • This license does not grant you any right to use the Information in a way that suggests any official status or that the Information Provider endorses you or your use of the Information.
  • No warranty

  • The Information is licensed “as is”, and the Information Provider excludes all representations, warranties, obligations, and liabilities, whether express or implied, to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  • The Information Provider is not liable for any errors or omissions in the Information, and will not under any circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other loss, injury or damage caused by its use or otherwise arising in connection with this license or the Information, even if specifically advised of the possibility of such loss, injury or damage.
  • Governing Law

  • This license is governed by the laws of the province of British Columbia and the applicable laws of Canada.
  • Legal proceedings related to this license may only be brought in the courts of British Columbia.
  • Definitions

  • In this license, the terms below have the following meanings:

  • ‘Information’
    means information resources or Records protected by copyright or other information or Records that is are offered for use under the terms of this license.
    ‘Information Provider’
    means WorkSafeBC.
    ‘Personal Information’
    has the meaning set out in Schedule 1 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (B.C.).
    has the meaning set out in section 29 of the Interpretation Act (B.C.).
    means the Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia.
    means the natural or legal person, or body of persons corporate or incorporate, acquiring rights under this license.


  • This is version 2.0 of the Open Government License for WorkSafeBC Information. The Information Provider may make changes to the terms of this license from time to time and issue a new version of the license. Your use of the Information will be governed by the terms of the license in force as of the date you accessed the information.
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