Register with WorkSafeBC
An employer who is registered with WorkSafeBC is protected against lawsuits from its own and other workers who suffer a workplace injury or contract an occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment. WorkSafeBC covers any such worker's medical and wage-loss and rehabilitation costs.

An employer may be any form of legal entity, including an incorporated company, a partnership, or a proprietorship (an unincorporated business owned by a single individual). In this registration application, an employer applying for registration with WorkSafeBC may be referred to as a "FIRM" and its activities may be referred to as its "BUSINESS".

Important! Before you proceed:
If you are currently registered with WorkSafeBC and there has been a material change to your business operations, assets or ownership, please contact the Employer Service Centre.

If you are currently registered with WorkSafeBC and wish to apply for Personal Optional Protection, please click here to fill out an application and fax or mail it into us.

To find the base rate for a specific classification unit or if you are looking for a Classification Unit (CU) description, please click here and use the search engine provided.

A firm may be required to register if:

•  The firm employs one or more workers.

•  The firm, the workers or the company are from outside of British Columbia.

You operate your own business and may or may not employ workers.

When you hire someone to work in or about a private residence to meet your personal or domestic needs, you are considered a residential employer.

You operate a retail store.

You operate a restaurant, café, bistro or similar establishment.


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